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18/01/30 종영 http://tv.jtbc.joins.com/rainshine

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Best healing drama. Thank you.

카카오 계정 h***y 2018-01-31 PM 4:16:19 조회 912 추천 6

Outstanding writing, directing, acting & OST.

Thank you to the cast and crew of Just Between Lovers for touching me so deeply. 

The chemistry between Lee Junho and Won Jin Ah is superb, as is their depiction of a gentle, pure & mature love. Only they could make simple acts such as holding hands and hugging incredibly romantic and moving. 

In a life drama such as this one, even the smallest details conveyed so much meaning and wisdom. The writer has done an excellent job of depicting complex, multi-dimensional characters with life lessons. In addition, the cinematography is gorgeous and unlike any other drama I've seen. 

Thank you JTBC for this unique drama and for bringing in fresh, new talent. 

Lastly, Just Between Lovers has become my favorite drama, and I hope the cast & crew will win many awards for their timeless work in this timeless production. I look forward to purchasing the DVD!


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