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카카오 계정 e***g 2020-03-25 PM 9:59:17 조회 837 추천 0

 Zarathustra..?  Nietzsche..?  You mean the guy who claimed God was dead and died after going crazy?

How does he know?  Did he see God?  Do you want to take life lessons from such a guy?  I don't care how much educated he was.  Some of the most stupidest men are the most educated.  

Reincarnation..?  How do you know there is reincarnation?  How do you know that there is no heaven, no hell, no life after death?  There is something called limits to human knowledge, epistemiology, because there is a limit to what can be known.  If God by definition trascends the universe, then He cannot be known by human knowledge.  So how dare he say God is dead?  When he is only human?

Why?  Because of evolution?  How do you know evolution is true?  Just because some books say so?  Because some scientists say so?  If you just think about it a little you can deduce without much trouble that evolution cannot be true.  Not all scientific theories of the past turned out to be true.  Science is a human endeavor and full of errors.  It's better than most other human endeavors, but still human, and it too has it's limits on what can be known.

If there is such a thing as life after death, heaven, hell, then isn't it such an important decision?  Do you want to trust this decision to anyone else, I don't care how smart they are, or to some man who lived, went crazy, and died over a 100 years ago?

Evolution was born when scientists still thought a cell was just a blob of protoplasm.  Now they know it's full of intricate, miniscule molecular machines, even a tiny portion of which they cannot duplicate even with intelligent human effort!  A protein of 500 amino acid length cannot come into being by chance even with all the time of the age of the universe.  And we are made of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, no perhaps millions of proteins (of greater 500 lengths), which must all work in intricate interplay for life, for complicated life like us, to exist.  If you only have parts of that, even 99.9% of that, you die.  You have to have all of it or you die.  How can this all come into being by gradual accumulation of random mutations, over millions, even billions of years?  When even one protein of 500 length cannot?  Irreducible complexity, information theory, fine-tuning of the universe, etc.  These prove evolution cannot be true.

I will translate this to Korean later!


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